Toddler killed by horse kick

  • According to a report on the Guardian Unlimited website, Jordan Sheffield from Reading, Berks, was visiting Pinnocks Wood Equestrian Centre near Maidenhead with his grandmother Christine Tate.

    The inquest heard how moments before the accident, Jordan was playing in the tackroom on the yard where Mrs Tate kept her horse.

    A horse named Dan was then led out onto the yard by his owner Helen Howard.

    According to witnesses, Jordan suddenly walked out of the tackroom and bent down behind Dan’s hindlegs to pick up a conker he had been playing with. Mrs Tate said that Jordan was between 3-4ft away from Dan when he lashed out and caught him on the head.

    A member of staff working at the stables managed to resuscitate Jordan and he was airlifted to Wrexham Park Hospital in Slough where he later died.

    Mrs Tate said that Jordan had been to the yard prior to the accident and had been warned to be careful around horses. In the report she says: “It was not what I would class as a violent or vicious kick, it was not as if Jordan had frightened him – it was like something like a fly had tickled him.”

    Ms Howard said that Dan had never kicked anyone before and was usually a calm, relaxed horse.

    The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

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