Thumbs-up for young horse series

  • Now in its third year, the SEIB BEF Young Horse Evaluation Series (YHES), which evaluates young sport horses for potential soundness, trainability, jumping ability, paces and temperament, continues to go from strength to strength.

    The series was developed to recognise four-year-old horses with the potential to become international competition horses of the future in the Olympic sports of dressage, show jumping and eventing.

    Changes to this year’s scheme mean that although a horse may be entered for both the potential dressage and potential show jumping sections, any horse entered for these sections may not also be entered for the potential eventing section at the same venue.

    Celia Clarke, chairman of the YHES committee, explains: “The decision to prevent horses for contesting all three sections at one venue was to prevent a young horse from having too many demands placed on it within a short space of time.

    “It should also be recognised that although type varies widely within each discipline, the specialist show jumping and dressage horse will, by the nature of its preferred discipline, not be the of same type as an eventer.

    “Potential four-star eventers will have a different movement to a potential advanced dressage horse and will produce a different shape over a fence to a potential international show jumper. They must also be able to show an indication of the ability to gallop.”

    This year’s evaluations, which will be judged by individuals from the BEF’s pool of 54 trained evaluators, will take place at the following venues:

    • 17 April: Forest of Dean EC, Glos
    • 21 April: Limes Farm EC, Kent
    • 24 April: Sheepgate EC, Lincs
    • 27 April: Faraway RC, Aberdeen
    • 28 April: Gleneagles EC, Perthshire
    • 6 May: Hurstbourne EC, Hants
    • 7 May: Tall Trees Arena, Cornwall
    • 11 May: Hollingworth Leisure, Lancs
    • 15 May: Heart of England EC, Staffs
    • 10 May: South Causey EC, Co Durham
    • 11 May: Addington Manor, Bucks
    • 12 May: West Wilts EC

    The top-scoring 12 horses in each discipline will go forward to championship finals at the Royal Show (4-6 July) and any horse gaining a score of seven or more will receive a performance diploma, rosette and cash premium.

    For more information, including the schedule, rules and guidelines booklet, contact Celia Clarke (tel: 01280 8122810) or email: celia@cwath.demon.co.uk

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