Three unweaned filly foals stolen from a field in Somerset

  • Three young, unweaned fillies have been stolen from a field near Martock in Somerset.

    Police say the theft occurred between 11am 15 August and 6.30pm 16 August from a 23-acre field on the South Petherton side of Paratt Works in Martock.

    The youngsters were a pink roan filly and a grey filly, both two and half months old and a black/blue roan filly, five months old.

    Joint owner Jonathan Talbot, 47, who owns the horses with his 57-year-old brother Julian, said: “I’m gutted. They were so young. They will need a lot of attention.

    “We’ve rung around everywhere including the animal feed places to see if anyone has bought milk powder. I hope the people realise how young they are and are looking after them.”

    The two brothers own 30 horses, which they drive and use for leisure purposes.

    Tess Smith, Horse Watch co-ordinator for Avon and Somerset police said: “The owners are understandably distraught at the loss. The fillies are dependent on their mother’s milk and due to their very young age there is a huge concern for their safety and wellbeing.”

    She continued: “We’re appealing for anybody with any information to please come forward. There are no photos but the owners can identify them.

    The thieves cut gate locks with a grinder and herded the horses using newly installed fencing aimed at enabling the owners to catch their mares more easily.

    Tess Smith can be contacted on 0845 456 7000.

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