Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre to run clinics for owners

  • The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre (TRC) is running a series of one-day clinics to give advice to people struggling with ex-racehorses.

    Nicky McDonald from TRC told H&H: “We have decided to run the clinics due to public demand. We’re getting calls almost everyday from people who have bought or acquired an ex-racehorse and can’t manage and need some help.”

    The clinics will include a tour of the TRC facilities, advice on training methods, common problems, feeding and exercising the thoroughbred.

    There will also be the chance to see the trainers and senior staff demonstrating both ridden and ground work with the horses.

    Ms McDonald said: “We will be looking at specific case histories as well. Although all horses are different, generally the same problems — be they behavioural or conformational — crop up continually.”

    The first clinic will be held on Friday 4 April from 10am to 3pm at the TRC in Halton, Lancashire. Julie Robinson, trainer and yard director for TRC, will lead the day.

    Ms McDonald added: “Depending on the success of the first clinic the aim is to run about eight to ten a year.

    Participants will be able to discuss individual queries and problems as well as watch horses being worked and trained at the centre.

    “With the clinics owners will be able to see how we work here at the centre,” said Ms McDonald. “Hopefully they can watch what we do and get an insight into how to deal with common problems.”

    The workshops are being limited to ten people so that everyone can get individual attention.

    Places are only available by pre-booking and each session costs £100. All participants must be over 18.

    The TRC is the original UK charity dedicated to the welfare of ex-racehorses and was founded in 1991 by Carrie Humble.

    There are currently 30 horses at the TRC and they re-home approximately 25-30 a year.

    For more information tel: 01524 812649

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