‘They helped despite everything’: 17 people save pony stuck in ditch

  • The owner of a pony who was found neck-deep in water-filled ditch and looked as though he had “given up” has said she cannot thank his rescuers enough.

    Kayleigh Hughes’ seven-year-old Connemara gelding Finn became stuck in a ditch that borders his field in County Down, Northern Ireland, on 16 April

    “My friend Aimee found her horse going mad in the field but she couldn’t see Finn, then she discovered him in the water,” Kayleigh told H&H.

    “I rushed there and Finn looked like he had already given up.”

    Kayleigh believes Finn had been in the water for a couple of hours.

    “I think he’s become stuck, panicked and managed to dig himself in,” she said.

    “Farmers from nearby came to help and it took two tractors and a digger to dig a trench to free him. There were 17 men helping in total, one even went under the water to secure straps round Finn’s leg so we could pull him out.”

    Kayleigh said Finn was freed after three hours.

    “It was heartbreaking, I kept collapsing in tears. Finn means the world to me – I thought I was going to lose him. When they pulled him out he looked dead,” she said.

    “I got the vet who checked Finn over but he came out without a scratch. He was given some injections and there was concern about getting his temperature up but after 45 minutes he perked up and was neighing to his friend.”

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    Kayleigh has thanked Finn’s rescuers.

    “I didn’t even know some of them but they came and helped despite everything going on with coronavirus – everyone forgot about it to save Finn,” she said.

    “I can’t put into words how grateful I am to them. I couldn’t be happier that he’s ok – we do everything together.”

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