The Horse Trust’s oldest resident dies aged 42

  • A 42-year-old pony has died at The Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire.

    Lady — a black Shetland pony mare — had lived at the Speen-based sanctuary for 10 years and was the Trust’s oldest resident.

    Most of the residents at The Horse Trust are over 20 and many are into their 30s.

    Paul Jepson chief executive and veterinary director of the charity said: “According to our records Lady was 42 years old – an impressive age for any horse.

    “But sadly her advanced years eventually caught up with her and she was quietly put to sleep as her quality of life had fallen below an acceptable standard.”

    Lady certainly lived up to her name and was the perfect pony with wonderful manners and a great favourite with both staff and visitors at the charity.

    Claire Clark, Lady’s groom said: “Although Lady was old in years she most certainly was not old at heart. With her greying coat and expressive eyes she was dignified to the end and I shall miss her very much.

    “Big John can now claim to be the oldest horse at the stables as he will be celebrating his 42nd birthday this year. He has a spring his step and is always waiting at the gate for his lunchtime feed.”

    For more information visit: www.horsetrust.org.uk

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