The Donkey Sanctuary launches International Donkey Week

  • The Donkey Sanctuary today (Tuesday 3 May) launched its 29th International Donkey Week event, to highlight the plight of donkeys around the world.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday 4 May) a double-decker bus parked at the Sidmouth site of the charity will demonstrate the work of an Indian donkey working in a brick kiln. The Sanctuary says these donkeys will carry the equivalent weight of two double-decker buses in bricks each, every week.

    “Donkeys support some of the poorest people and communities on the planet,” said The Donkey Sanctuary’s Dawn Vincent.

    “They will work until they drop in terrible conditions to carry desperately needed water and transport huge loads to make their owners a living. The weight of two double-decker buses is a way of putting their burden into perspective.

    “We work hard to support these donkeys as well as the families that could not live without them, through mobile teams providing vet treatments and educational projects all over the world. International Donkey Week is a time to consider the donkey’s plight and how charities like ours can help alleviate their suffering.”

    For more information visit: www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

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