Team chasing gets a boost from Radio 4’s The Archers

  • Team chasing has had an unexpected boost into the public eye with the inclusion of a story line about the sport in long-running radio soap The Archers.

    Listeners to the nightly Radio 4 show can follow the successes, or otherwise, of the Go-Getters — a team made up of characters Nigel Pargeter, Caroline Sterling, Alice Aldridge and Shula Hebden-Lloyd.

    Real life team chaser Rosie Vestey, who rides for the Bitch Pack, said the production team had approached the Masters of Foxhounds Association’s team chase committee for advice on how to make the story as realistic as possible.

    “We are very pleased to have been able to push team chasing even further into the public arena,” she said.

    At their first team chase, the fictional Ramsbury last Wednesday, the Go-Getters ended up in 23rd place and Nigel took a tumble.


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