Supermarket gains a customer after delivery driver’s perfect passing of horses 

  • A rider was so grateful for the exemplary way an Asda delivery driver passed her on the road, she ordered her first ever online shop from the supermarket.

    Joanne Alexander-Sefre of Okeden Stud was riding her thoroughbred/Welsh mare Dolly, with her daughter Azar on her Highland Alfie, in Chigwell, Essex, on Wednesday evening (3 June) when they heard a vehicle approach from behind.

    Joanne told H&H they were on a double bend, on which she has had bad experiences.

    “We’re just on the edge of London so the traffic’s very busy, but we have to use the roads to get to any bridleways or the forest,” she said. “We were on a very dangerous bend, where virtually no drivers wait behind you as they should do when they can’t see round the corner.

    “Most seem to think it’s fine to pass, that the normal rules don’t apply with horses; I’ve seen it so many times – but this driver was exceptional.”

    Joanne said the driver waited well behind the pair. Even when she mistakenly started to wave him past when it was still unsafe, the driver stayed put.

    “He waited till he could see the road was absolutely clear before he very carefully drove past,” she said. “I thought ‘there you go, Asda, you’ve got my business’!”

    Joanne had never ordered her groceries online – she works in the food industry and enjoys shopping in supermarkets – but she wanted to show her appreciation to the driver.

    “He was so exceptional, I thought I’d do something about it,” she said. “I thought the best thing would be to do an online order. I sat down when I got home, and managed to book a slot for two days’ time. I even tried to put a note on the delivery section, on why they’d gained a new customer.

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    “If this one good driver helps get them business and at the same time publicises in a very positive way how important it is to drive carefully around horses, it’s a win-win!

    “I for one am going to from now always comment to companies whose drivers drive well in particular as it is such a positive message.”

    An Asda spokesman said: “It’s great to hear that our colleague was respectful to Ms Alexander-Safre and her horse while out delivering for our customers and we are looking forward to delivering to her in the near future.”

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