‘She’s a ray of sunshine’: rare Suffolk filly born in home county

  • New foals are always special but none is more so than Kelsale June, a Suffolk filly born in Saxmundham in May.

    Owners Jackey and Trevor Phillips lost their first foal born last year under their prefix at just three weeks old.

    Kelsale May had a heart problem, which worsened as she grew causing much heartache for her owners when she died.

    Her mother, Withersfield Daisy, is fit and well and currently at stud and hoped to have a foal next year.

    The latest arrival is the first foal for the couple’s other mare Colony Zeta but she has taken to motherhood straight away.

    Zeta proved a natural mother, giving birth on her own by the time the vet arrived.

    The pretty filly has been named Kelsale June after Trevor’s mother, not the month she was born.

    She was up and suckling quickly and is growing fast.

    A forward lady, friendly and confidant she has been nicknamed Sunny “because she’s such a ray of sunshine”.

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    Her sire is the stately Shotleyfield Dazzling Duke, who has been a dominant force in the stallion showing classes recently.

    The Phillips have decided to keep June and hopefully breed from her in future to help safeguard Suffolk horse numbers.

    According to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) last year there were just 15 filly foals registered and only 10 colts.

    The rare Suffolk horse is registered as critical with the RBST with only 80 registered breeding mares.
    Beth Fernley, RBST press officer described June’s arrival “as brilliant news.”

    “We at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust are over the moon to hear of the arrival of Kelsale June. Last year on our Danger List of rare breed farm animals and equines we recorded that only 15 Suffolk filly foals were registered. We wish her and her owners Jackey and Trevor every good wish,” she said.

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