Strangles test discount for Scottish horse owners

  • Strangles tests at cost price have been offered to horse owners and yard managers in Scotland by the Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh.

    Following the British Horse Society (BHS) Scotland’s donation of a £15,000 video endoscope to the veterinary school (known locally as the Royal Dick after its founder William Dick) the school made the offer in an attempt to help fight the horrendous respiratory infection. BHS members raised the cash through gymkhanas, barn dances and a sponsored parachute jump.

    The tests will cost £32.90 and will be carried out at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket. Sedative drugs will cost £29.37.

    Professor Paddy Dixon of the Royal Dick said: “Careful biosecurity and adhering to STEPS (the Strategy to Eradicate and Prevent Strangles) are currently our best weapons in controlling this infection while we await the development of an effective strangles vaccine. The offer (of tests) will stand for one year from now and we would of course have to have a referral from the owner’s vet.”

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