Stolen ponies found and returned to disabled owner

  • Two miniature ponies that were stolen from their disabled owner last month were found on Friday (15 January), in a field in Edenbridge, Essex.

    Horsewatch groups up and down the country have been on alert since 29 December when Bailey and Tinkerbell were taken from stables in Charlton, Middlesex.

    They belong to Daniel Nicholls, 30, a former show jumper who was paralysed in a riding accident two years ago.

    Mr Nicholls also set up a Facebook page and distributed hundreds of fliers.

    A Horsewatch member saw the ponies in a field and contacted the police who were able to reunite Mr Nicholls with his ponies.

    Betty Cobrol of Surrey Horsewatch said: “Through all the publicity we made it quite hot for anybody to keep them. This is a great result.”

    Mr Nicholls told H&H: “I want to thank everyone so, so much for all their help and support in trying to find my miniature horses Bailey and Tinkerbell.

    “Bailey is still her laid back self but Tinkerbell is still a bit traumatised by it all, but she is slowly coming round to being to back home.

    “I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me get my horses back.”

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