Stallion dies after savage attack

  • Police appeal for help after a tethered horse is brutally attacked with a broken bottle in Middlesbrough

    A stallion was “savagely attacked” with a broken bottle in a field near the Metz Bridge in Middlesbrough yesterday.

    The five-year-old 14hh piebald stallion had been repeatedly stabbed with a large piece of glass and was found with a broken wine bottle embedded in his neck. The cob’s injurieswere so extensive that he had to be put down.

    The stallion was tethered when the attack, which is believed to have happened between 7.30am and 9am, took place.

    This was a despicable and mindless attack on a helpless animal that couldn’t get away,” said PC Martin Cowen. “The attacker must have used considerable force as the bottle was deeply embedded into the horse’s flesh.”

    The stallion was owned by a member of the local travelling community and was described by police as being “well looked after and in good condition”. The attack is believed to be a one-off.

    “It’s early days, but we are hopeful that we will find the attacker, who is likely to have been covered in blood after the assault,” said PC Cowen.

    Anyone with information should contact PC Martin Cowen on (tel: 01642 303126).

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