Spring water on tap for retired horses

  • More than 100 lucky horses and ponies at the Horse Trust’s home of rest in Speen, Buckinghamshire now have pure spring water on tap thanks to a new borehole.

    Drilled 122m deep into the Chilterns limestone, the borehole supplies water through a network of pipes to both the troughs in the fields and the taps in the office.

    Head of welfare at the Horse Trust said: “The water is crystal clear and tastes fantastic. It also saves us a lot of money as our water bill used to be £15,000 a year; it’s free now.”

    The horses on the 200-acre site drink up to 12 gallons a day each, and all horses are treated to a bath at least once a year. The borehole, which cost the home £2,000, will also provide the water for washing stables and yards.

    Chief executive and resident vet Paul Jepson said the quality of the water is on a par with the finest bottled spring water.

    “It has passed the purity tests with flying colours,” he said. “The water is free from agricultural residues, micro-organisms, metals, chlorine and fluoride.”

    Funded by donations and legacies, the Home of Rest provides sanctuary for retired working horses, ponies and donkeys.

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