Sports psychology documentary to help competition riders

  • A short documentary on the use of sports psychology in dressage has been produced, which could help competition riders.

    A project, titled “Going for Gold” has been put together by the British Psychological Society to tie in with this summer’s Games.

    The project aims to the show the public the role of psychology in sport, and the fact that sport psychology is a scientific discipline.

    One of the centre-pieces of this project is a 10-minute video which gives an insight into sport psychology in dressage.

    Dr Elizabeth Pummell, senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Kingston University is involved in the project which “uses mindfulness theories to allow the rider to perform at a higher level during competitions”.

    She said: “The video provides an insight into the type of work a sport psychologist does in equestrian sport. With mental toughness so evident at the Olympics and Paralympics, many people are keen to find out more about it and how it can help them to improve.”

    For more information visit www.bps.org.uk/videos/sports-psychology-equestrian-dressage

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