Spillers unveils a new range of feed balancers

  • Spillers has created an exciting new range of cereal-free balancers, to help ensure every horse has a perfect diet.

    Each balancer has been designed to provide enhanced daily balanced nutrition and can be used alone or in addition to your compound feed without the concern of over-supplementation.

    Spillers Original Balancer is suitable for all horses and ponies and gives the flexibility to feed a variety of horses and ponies across a yard.

    Spillers Lite Balancer is for the specialist needs of all ‘good doers’ and overweight horses and ponies, providing a truly balanced diet without unwanted calories. It is also suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

    Spillers Senior Balancer offers unrivalled nutrition and joint support for the older horse or pony to help keep them in optimal condition.

    Spillers Performance Balancer delivers additional essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support the equine athlete.

    Spillers Gro ‘N’ Win Stud Balancer meets the increased nutritional needs of foals, youngstock and pregnant or lactating mares.

    For further feeding advice telephone the Spillers care-Line on 01908 226626 or email careline@spillers-feeds.com.

    Visit the Spillers website at www.spillers-feeds.com.

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