H&H’s charity of the year to feature in TV documentary

  • The work of H&H’s charity of the year SPANA in Africa will feature in a new TV documentary later this month (10 December)

    The programme, Living on the Edge — Blood in the Sand, follows filmmaker Chris Terrill as he travels to Mali, accompanied by SPANA chief executive Jeremy Hulme and the charity’s Malian vet, Dr Amadou Doumbia.

    The group spent time living with the Tuareg people, who lead a nomadic existence, travelling long distances to find the pastures needed by their donkeys, camels and other animals.

    SPANA vet Dr Amadou provides treatment to animals in need throughout the journey, offering essential assistance to owners who would otherwise have no access to veterinary care

    Later in the programme, Chris and Jeremy also visit Mbera, a refugee camp in Mauritania that is home to 75,000 displaced Malians and an estimated 470,000 animals. The refugees have been fleeing to the camp since early 2012, when separatist and Jihadist groups fought to make northern Mali an independent state.

    Jeremy, said: “Animals are part and parcel of pastoralists’ lives in Africa. Without their animals these communities have absolutely nothing, they become vulnerable, dependent on aid and have no future.

    “SPANA’s veterinary work ensures that many sick and injured working animals receive the treatment they need, which is a lifeline for them and their owners.

    “SPANA believes that – beyond our work – in times of conflict and drought, the UN, governments and aid agencies must take care of animals as well as people.”

    Mali is one of seven countries in which SPANA runs permanent programs to offer free veterinary care and improve the lives of works animals.

    H&H’s Sophia Heath will be traveling to Ethiopia this month with SPANA to witness the work they do first-hand. For the full investigation, don’t miss 18 December issue of H&H.

    The documentary will be aired on Channel 5 at 7pm on 10 December


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