Olympic showjumper sells for €8.6million

  • Olympic silver medal-winning showjumper London has been sold for €8.6 million in an online auction.

    According to Horses International the stallion, who competed at London 2012 with Dutch rider Gerco Schröder, has been bought by the Glock Horse Performance Centre.

    The Austrian Gaston Glock, already supports Edward Gal, and it is expected that Gerco will be able to keep the ride.  

    The 12-year-old was among a group of 30 showjumpers for sale in online auction after a Dutch court ruled last month (5 March) that Rabobank has a right to collect assets from the bankrupt owner, Eurocommerce Stables.

    The total for all the lots came to €11,126,151, which is thought to slightly less than expected.

    Other lots in the auction included top Dutch showjumpers, such as the Gerco Schroder-ridden New Orleans (€210,000), Callahan (€180,000) and Seoul (€307,500); Wout-Jan van der Schan’s Capetown (€187,000) and Sacramento (€38,000) and Albert Voorn’s Tobalio (€175,000).

    Namelus R, the sire of Ben Maher’s Olympic ride Tripple X III, failed to sell.

    The horses were also offered as a combined lot, but as no bidders came forward the horses will go to the individuals who offered the highest price.

    The sale was criticised for including 4 retired horses.  The horses, which were aged between 21 and 25, all sold.

    Monaco, who is now 23 years old and competed at the Athens Olympics, sold for €3,500. Montreal, 21, sold for €4,600.

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