Showing star Jayne Ross recovering from crashing fall

  • Showing star Jayne Ross is recovering from a crashing fall she suffered when competing at Keysoe last week.

    Jayne was riding at a Valentine Showing Show on Thursday (19 February), when the Highland she was riding in the ring tripped and fell, firing the rider into the ground head first.

    “I was just pulling up to walk, ready for the call in, when her legs went from under her,” said Jayne.

    “She went right down, almost on to her shoulders, and drilled me into the ground. She’s absolutely fine, but it was a crash, bang, wallop for me.”

    Jayne was taken to Bedford hospital where she underwent X-rays and had stitches for a deep cut behind her ear. She has been suffering pins and needles in one arm and is due back in hospital today (Monday 22 February) for an MRI scan.

    “I won’t really know what’s wrong, or how long I’m going to be off for, until I’ve had the MRI scan,” added Jayne. “I gave my head a good bash and I’ve hurt my shoulders, back and neck.

    “I’ve got an attractive black eye and bruised face. I did a good job.”

    Jayne enjoyed a successful season in the show ring last year, her multiple victories including championship titles at the Royal International and taking the supreme horse title at Horse of the Year Show for the second year running, on Broadshard Simplicity.

    “I can’t get a hat on at the moment so I’ll be off for a little while. The beauty of living on the yard is that I can go out for a wander, but I have a fantastic back-up team around me who will keep the horses going.”

    Her team, which includes successful Irishman Jamie Smyth this season, went on to claim two championships, five wins and a second place at Keysoe on Thursday, after Jayne was taken to hospital.

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