Showing assessor taken seriously ill at Arena UK

  • A potential future judge had to step in to offer medical assistance when one of the assessors collapsed at a showing society’s assessment day on Monday (16 February).

    The British Show Pony Society’s (BSPS) Pip Baker-Beall was taken seriously ill during the judges’ assessment day, which was being held at Arena UK in Lincolnshire.

    Christopher Nicholson — who was one of 19 candidates that came forward for the show hunter pony and show pony category — is a critical care nurse and looked after Mrs Baker-Beall until an ambulance arrived.

    A spokesman from the BSPS confirmed that Mrs Baker-Beall had collapsed due to low blood pressure.

    “Mrs Baker-Beall was taken to hospital to stabilise her blood pressure and was discharged the same day,” the spokesman added.

    “Mr Nicholson very kindly assisted until the ambulance arrived.

    “We are delighted that Mrs Baker-Beall is now back at home and recovering well.”

    During the day the candidates were assessed on their ability to use the marks system and evaluate a pony’s way of going and manners, conformation, type and freedom of action, judges’ dilemmas and rules and an interview on their CV.

    Mr Nicholson passed the assessment and now has to undertake four future judging appointments.

    Eleven other candidates also passed and went forward on the future judges panel. Barbara Evans was elected straight onto the panel and a further five people were not successful.

    Nine other potential candidates also came forward for the working hunter pony assessment. Three people were elected straight onto the panel, two were required to do future judging appointments and four were not accepted.

    Paul Cook Chairman of the judges assessment committee said: “I was delighted that so many candidates came forward, a significant number are already on other judging panels, therefore the standard was extremely high.

    “I would like to thank the candidates for coming forward, the assessment team and people who brought ponies, for their hard work and dedication”.

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