Second teenager arrested in connection to Florida horse killings

  • A second teenager has been arrested in connection with the spate of horse killings in Florida.

    Santiago Cabrera,19, was arrested on Monday (21 September) charged with armed burglary, animal cruelty, killing a registered breed horse and breaking or injuring a fence.

    Last week 18-year-old Luis Miguel Cordero was arrested on similar charges.

    Two other suspects are currently being sought by police.

    About 18 dead horses have been found in the Miami-Dade area since January. Police believe the horses have been killed so their meat can be sold illegally.

    Miami-Dade police said Mr Cabrera confessed to taking part in two killings where horses were cut apart while still alive, earning him several hundred dollars.

    “I’m very relieved that we have another arrest,” Jeanette Jordan, president of the South Florida SPCA told local press. ”But I’m stunned that these guys are so young and I’m heartsick about it.”

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