Scott Brash wins $500,000 grand prix finale

  • British showjumper Scott Brash has won the $500,000 (£300,607) grand prix in Florida.

    The world number 1 ended his run of second places to win the finale grand prix with Hello Sanctos at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival on Sunday (30 March).

    38 riders were vying for the grand prix honours representing 14 countries and including 17 del-former Olympians.

    7 riders made it through to the jump off and Scott, who was second last to go, set a blistering time of 43.44 seconds. He was handed the victory when last to go, US rider Kent Farrington, had a rail at the final oxer.

    Along with the winner’s share of $165,000 (£99,194), Brash was presented with the Dennis D. Dammerman Perpetual Trophy.

    His Olympic team mate Ben Maher took home the $100,000 (£60,099) bonus for the FTI consulting rider challenge for his success throughout the festival.

    “I have been coming second a lot to this man [Ben Maher],” said Scott. “So to win a class at the end is very rewarding and good for my team that has worked so hard for the circuit, because it is hard work.

    “Sanctos was fantastic today. There are a lot of big shows coming up with the championships and everything, so it is good to feel him in such good form early on in the year.”

    Ben had a rail in Sunday’s finale but has won 5 grands prix during the festival to earn the leading rider bonus.

    “I have had a great circuit,” Ben said. “It was unfortunate today that I had a jump down, but I can’t complain.

    “All of my horses have been great and consistent. If somebody was to say at the start of the circuit that it was going to come together like it had, I would not have believed it. I am grateful for everything and looking forward to a short rest now.”

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