Saddlers agree new standards

  • Although there is a current British Standard for saddle trees, this refers only to the material content. British saddlers involved in the talks which included Lariot, Albion, Cliff Barnsby, The Society of Master Saddlers and The Walsall Equestrian Society, agreed there was the need for a new standard to be set regardingsymmetry.

    Ian Rea of Lariot, a company which has developed a tree measuring gauge for traditional trees. said: “It is important to set a standard in saddle trees because if it isn’t symmetrical, it can lead to riders experiencing problems.”

    Jaqui Pountney, chairman of the Walsall Equestrian Society said: “The society represents Walsall’s industry and aims to manufacture products that are the best. A new standard that uses points of reference would ensure that the trees produced are symmetrical.”

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