Sad end for runaway horse that visited hotel

  • A horse that went viral on the internet earlier this month (9 October) after footage emerged of it rampaging around a hotel lobby has been put down.

    Footage of the pony inside the Best Western in Birmingham showed the pony confused and slipping on the tiles of the hotel floor. The horse caused damage to the hotel lobby and even tried to get in the lift.

    “The horse tried to get into the lift and then it reversed out again,” said the director of sales at the hotel.

    “It was stressed and frightened.

    “It did a lot of damage to the lobby. It made some dents in the wall and knocked over plants, but the staff were worried about the horse.”

    The horse found its own way out of the hotel and was eventually caught by the West Midlands Police.

    The owner, Steven Garrett, told the Birmingham Mail the horse was suffering from colic and had to be put down after it was caught.

    “I got there and the vet was present and said it wasn’t looking good,” said Mr Garrett. “We had to put him down.  He died in my arms.

    “He was more than a pet, he was a member of the family.’’

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