Ruby rescued from owner who tried to board train with her

  • Ruby, the Welsh mare who became a global news sensation after her owner took her for a rather unusual walk around Wrexham, has been rescued by the RSPCA.

    The pony hit the headlines after traveller Joe Purcell, 68, tried to board a train with her in tow. The duo were photographed in a lift at the station and had previously been turned away from the local A&E — where Mr Purcell was allegedly trying to get treatment for the pregnant mare — and spotted in their local pub.

    Concerns for Ruby’s welfare grew after she was found tethered by a road near a petrol station.

    She was taken by the RSPCA after she was found grazing on council land near Wrexham hospital on 31 May.

    A council spokesman said: “We are investigating reports that the pony had been abandoned on a number of nights at unsuitable locations, including the hospital helipad and a cemetry.

    “On a number of occasions the animal has been left untethered and unaccompanied close to busy roads.

    “Complaints have been received from the public raising concerns over the welfare of the animal and public safety issues.

    “The pony has been examined by a vet and will be looked after in a secure place.”

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