Roland’s nags and nails: sounding like a steam train

  • Working under a particularly heavy horse this week, I had no idea how much noise I was making until Kris, my training farrier pointed out that I sounded like a steam train.

    It must have been the level of concentration, or just the shear effort of holding this horse up, that made me grunt and groan without realising. How embarrassing!

    Later that day I was back under another heavy horse and although I was now conscience of my tendency to grunt, I was ready for it and had my groaning under control . . . well, for about 5min anyway.

    Kris, once again, pointed out my noisy exertions. Hmmm, this is not a good habit to be in. I’ll have to concentrate hard on eliminating these noises before it becomes as annoying as women’s tennis!

    There’s a big learning curve looming and all the while it’s getting closer and closer. Fitting hot shoes will be the next major component of my training. Rather like approaching an enormous mountain, the going is fine for now, but I can see what’s ahead and its getting bigger every day. To say I was daunted would be an understatement.

    Until next week



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