Roland’s nags and nails: smelling like a real farrier

Last week I was surprised to have so many messages encouraging me to carry on with my blog.

Thank you to all those who wrote to Horse & Hound and to those who posted via Facebook.

I really had no idea! At times I felt like my blog was just me talking to myself.

To know that it is being read really makes a difference. I still need to discuss with Horse & Hound whether to carry on or not, but the blog has more meaning now that I know it’s not just me reading it! I hope to make a decision by Christmas.

Anyway, back to the day job and my word a lot happened last week!

I fitted my first refits — that’s shoes that are being refitted once the foot has been trimmed and rebalanced — attempted to shoe 10 feet, nailed on quite a few shoes and I also took part in a shoeing demonstration!

Bearing in mind that my duties are normally shoe removal, trimming and clenching, it feels like there has been a massive change in activities.

As with every new stage that I embark on I feel so mal-co-ordinated and clumsy. I was very aware of the crowd of Christmas shoppers in South Molton that were drawn to the smell and sounds of a horse being shod (the aforementioned demonstration), and that I looked like a passer-by “having a go!”

I’ve also noticed this week that I smell differently. There’s a new aroma added to my usual “I’ve just rolled in a filthy stable” smell.

Burning hoof is really pungent and now I smell like a real farrier. I’m not sure my wife is that impressed though!

Until next week,



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