Roland’s nags and nails: seeking case studies in the cold

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    Brrrrr, and Brrrrr. There’s no hanging about in these temperatures although I seem to handle the cold better now than when I was an office worker commuting to work. Having an outside job somehow prepares you for the cold more, so it’s less of a problem. Anyway, “it is what it is” as Kris Parsons, my training farrier, would say and one just gets on with it.

    If you’ve been following my blog recently, then you’ll know Kris, myself and Alex, Kris’ other apprentice, have been asked to go to Cairo to undertake some charity work. There’s a big fund-raising push being run through www.facebook.com/cairofarrier

    This week, Lucinda Fredericks, Mary King and Andrew Gould, to name a few, have pledged their support and are helping to raise the money to send us out there. Horse & Hound are running it in the magazine too, so it really feels like the backing is there to get us out to Cairo.

    Our local freebee Newspaper, the Pulman’s Weekly are running a story this week and even sent a photographer to a yard where we were shoeing. I’m not sure he got my best side though, especially since I was asked to remove my beanie hat (vital warmth giver, but terrible hair annihilator).

    Anyway, all being well, we leave on 23 March — less than 6 weeks time! Yikes. What an experience for me and my training. These horses are in a critical condition and I will see things that one would never see here in the UK. Please check out the link to see more about what we’re doing and how you can help.

    These past few weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for seedy toe, thrush, bruised soles and white line disease. This is for my college assignments and steadily I’m building a case note diary and photographs of these conditions. I expect I’ll be able to add some very interesting “other” conditions once out in Egypt. I will try and get a photo of any I come across with the Pyramids in the background. I wonder if my college lecturers will notice?

    Until next week,



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