Roland’s nags and nails: getting in the festive spirit

  • I’ve just had my first few Christmas presents. Wow — already! Since we won’t see those customers again until after Christmas, it’s not too early — however I am amazed to be given anything at all. It’s quite unexpected and also, as the apprentice, I feel even more taken aback. What lovely customers — and, there’s no better way in making me feel in the mood for Christmas!

    Last year I remember how I looked forward to Christmas for the first time in years. Perhaps it’s the fact I’m now working in country stable yards, miles from city life and the commercialism of town centre shops, that makes being given a Christmas present just that bit more special. Whatever the reason, it’s now my new favourite time of year. The weather could play its part a bit more though — blimin’ rain.

    We’re shoeing a lot of hunters and those packs that are getting out in this weather are hunting in sodden ground. It does mean that each Monday there’s a flurry of lost shoe messages on Kris’ phone — “My shoe’s fallen off.” Yeah, right! You’ve been fetlock deep in the mire and either you, or some other horse, has trodden its shoe off. “Pull the other one.” Well, you probably have pulled the other one, by turning it out in a boggy field in high winds and it’s bronked around!

    Until next week



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