Roland’s nags and nails: enjoying the Christmas cheer

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    I can’t remember a time when I felt so Christmassy.

    All of Kris’ (my training farrier) customers seem so full of good cheer, some giving us mince pies and presents and all wishing us Happy Christmas.

    This year, for the first time in ages, really feels like a proper build up to Christmas. Kris, himself, is entering into the Christmas spirit and I’ll often hear him humming a Christmas carol as he works, with the occasional chorus outburst too!

    I don’t know how many other farriers will close down over the Christmas period, but Kris has always made sure that he has time off, so the firm will close for 10 days – except for emergency work- giving us all a really nice long break.

    Working amongst country dwellers has also meant that this year I’m not buying my turkey from the supermarket. Instead, I’ve met my turkey face to face and he was not wrapped in plastic either!

    I expect he soon will be or, more likely, boxed and awaiting my pick-up on Christmas Eve.

    The next two weeks will be very busy for us as will our return to work in January because of the time off we are having.

    Added to which, new clients keep coming on board and many of those are referrals from vets, so quite complicated and time consuming work.

    The photo is of Kris taking new clients though some Xrays, explaining how he intends to reduce the angle of the pedal bone and create a more upright hoof.

    A laptop is an essential part of his shoeing equipment and spending time with customers explaining the reasons for a course of action and the approach is always hugely appreciated.

    I’m still learning the basics, but my knowledge base is increasing all of the time.

    I received my results this week for my end of year exams and achieved a good pass. I can’t believe my first year as a farrier apprentice has almost passed.

    Christmas will be a great time to reflect on a hugely enjoyable year and to get ready for a busy and hopefully fun year ahead.

    Until next week



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