Roland’s nags and nails: another important lesson learnt

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    It’s sometimes quite difficult to think of things to write about. If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll know I’m on a steep learning curve as I’ve just started trimming.

    Thinking back over my week, all I can usually remember is how difficult trimming is and how mal-co-ordinated I must look as I try and hold my tools and the horse’s leg without dropping either of them! Anyway, trimming has been mentioned rather a lot over these past few weeks so this week I was wondering what else I could write about.

    Certainly, there’s no point in recounting my dreams as they’re all about trimming (seriously), except last night, when I shod a donkey rather well!

    Anyway, something did happen this week that is a bit out of the norm. I tied a horse up to a tie-ring and I learnt rather a valuable lesson. About 30min into my mal-co-ordinated trimming, the horse shot backwards taking the tie-ring with it.

    Attached to the tie-ring was a door frame and attached to that was a door and part of a barn wall. They all came away, leaving a rather large hole in the side of the tack room.

    Something had spooked the horse, but you can imagine that seeing part of a barn on the end of its rope didn’t help the situation much. It can’t have been more than 10sec before I cut the rope, but it felt a lot longer, as the horse did everything it could to get away from the advancing debris.

    So, going forwards I will always consider to what and where I’m tying a horse and whether it’s safe and appropriate, even if it is a regularly used tie-ring.

    Until next week,



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