Roland’s nags and nails: an old dog learning new tricks

  • Retraining to become a farrier has highlighted a number of challenges and confirmed the adage, old dogs find it hard to learn new tricks.

    Relearning a new and foreign skill has been very hard and, at times, felt an impossible task. I can remember my university days like they were yesterday and how easy things were. I wonder, though, whether it’s because this time I care very deeply about my training whilst as a young man, I probably didn’t care too much. I took everything in my stride and nothing phased me!

    Age has definitely changed my attitude and there’s no doubt about it, I’ve put more pressure on myself — so, things get over analysed or built up beyond what they should be. I have also noticed that my confidence is often paper thin and small set backs undermine my confidence easily.

    As I approach the final week of my exam block at college, with all to do still, I’m wavering between knowing that I’m ready for these exams and thinking that I’m not. It’s a scary scenario but failure must not be contemplated. I’ve worked hard and prepared as best I can, so all I can do is manage my demons and hope there’s life in the old dog yet.

    Until next week,



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