Rider hit by car vows never to hack on roads again

  • A rider has vowed never to ride on the roads again after being hit by a car.

    Seline Damare was hacking her 12-year-old showjumper Spot along Bank Hill in Woodborough on 16 August when a driver overtook them from behind.

    “He didn’t give me enough room,” Seline told H&H. “I could hear him coming up behind me, but I didn’t realise how close he was until he hit me.

    “The driver’s wing mirror broke and the passenger window shattered.”

    “I jumped straight off to check Spot over. He had lacerations to his hindquarters with a few puncture wounds.

    “He looked like he had been slashed with knives.”

    Seline, who was wearing hi-viz clothing, immediately called her vet who sedated the gelding and cleaned his wounds before he was transported home in a horsebox.

    “Spot seems ok, his wounds have healed really well,” said Seline. “It could have been so much worse.

    “He did nothing wrong, he wasn’t misbehaving or anything. We always hack around there and it’s quite a friendly village.”

    Seline has been put off riding on the roads for life.

    “I’m not going on the roads ever again,” she added. “It’s put me right off.

    “It’s not that I don’t trust Spot, I’m scared another car will hit him.

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    “It’s a shame as it’s such nice hacking round here, but I won’t risk him getting hit by another driver.

    “I want drivers to take better care around horses and riders to be vigilant.”

    Seline reported it to the collision to the police and the British Horse Society, but a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police told H&H the force was not taking any further action against the driver.

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