Rescued foal provides therapy for elderly

  • A rescued foal found beside a busy road has found a new life providing therapy for the elderly.

    The foal, born on 1 May, was found two days later by the RSPCA and taken to Liphook Equine Hospital for rehydration and milk.

    Nurse Gemma Yates contacted Caroline Seignot of Pony Pals, a miniature horse therapy business which visits nursing homes in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, to see if she would rehome the filly.

    “She lived in my back garden for 4-6 weeks, with hourly feeds to start with,” said Miss Seignot.

    The foal was named Yate’s Super Twig-tastic (“Twiggy”) after the nurse who saved her.

    “Twiggy” is now one of the four-strong team of miniature ponies at Pony Pals.

    The 10-week-old foal has been bottle-fed by many of the residents she has visited and now weighs 25 kilos.

    “This little unwanted foal that had been thrown away has now become one of the most loved miniature horses in the UK,’ said Miss Seignot.

    For more information visit: www.ponypals.co.uk

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