Remember warhorses and work horses on World Animal Day

  • The Brooke equine charity is urging people to remember horse heroes past and present on World Animal Day this Sunday (4 October).

    The charity, which was started 75 years ago to help injured warhorses, is holding a remembrance service at the Animals in War Memorial in London’s Park Lane.

    Animal lovers are being asked to send their messages of support by posting them on the charity’s website.

    Chief executive Petra Ingram said: “We should all be so proud of our silent equine army who have served, suffered and died throughout our times of war.

    “We are holding this special tribute to remember the horse past and present, as even today the formidable tasks endured by those courageous warhorses is mirrored in the gruelling work that horses, donkeys and mules do all over the developing world in support of poor people and their families.”

    Gunner Lane, who serves with the King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, laid a wreath with her mule Meg to commemorate the start of the Brooke’s campaign.

    She said: “I am delighted to be supporting the campaign. As part of the King’s Troop, I work closely with these magnificent animals on a daily basis and know just what loyal and hardworking companions they make.

    “So many thousands have suffered and died, and millions of horses, donkeys and mules continue their loyal service across the world today. Let’s all take a moment to remember horse heroes everywhere.”

    To add your message, visit Remember the horse heroes campaign at www.thebrooke.org

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