Redwings provides home to horses rescued from Co Antrim farm

  • Equine charity Redwings is taking in 23 neglected ponies that were rescued from squalid conditions on a farm in Co Antrim last month.

    More than 60 horses, ponies and donkeys were rescued from the site, in a case, which echoed the Spindles Farm case in Buckinghamshire in 2008.

    Nine horses were found dead and a further four were put down.

    The 23 animals will have a permanent home at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk. They are only now deemed well enough to travel.

    Nic de Brauwere, head of welfare at Redwings, helped with the rescue operation.

    “We were initially asked to get involved with the case because of our expertise in dealing with multiple horse cases,” he said.

    “But once we had seen the gravity of the situation we felt we had to go further to offer not only our veterinary assistance but also to provide a permanent home for a number of these animals.”

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