Prize on offer for Exmoors in Golden Horseshoe ride

  • The first Exmoor pony this century to complete 50 competitive miles in a day at the Golden Horseshoe Ride (GHR) will win £100.

    Equine physiotherapist Mary Bromiley has donated the prize, and the organisers are offering a permanent trophy to go with the cash incentive.

    “I know they can do it,” Mary said. “At the first Horseshoe in 1965, a number of Exmoors completed the 50-mile linear route and hacked back at the end of the day. It’s all down to the preparation.”

    In 2009, Mary Hannah and her own Exmoor, Kingsby Nutmeg, completed the Exmoor Experience class — 40k (25 miles) on two successive days — and won bronze.

    Barbara Wigley, chair of the GHR organising committee, said: “There is a great following for the native Exmoors and we like to see them among competitors. Mary’s offer will be a great incentive, and a permanent trophy to mark the achievement will be a further attraction.”

    But the trophy is not an easy target. To ride in a 50-mile class at the GHR, competitors have to be Endurance GB members, and the pony of advanced standard — meaning it has completed three rides of 30k-50k and two rides of 65k-80k

    For more information visit: www.goldenhorseshoe-ride.co.uk

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