Pregnant mare in four-hour rescue from deep mud and quicksand

  • A pregnant mare has been rescued from neck-deep mud on a construction site in Doncaster after being stuck for several hours.

    South Yorkshire Fire Service said the mare had strayed onto the building site where a new link road was being built.

    Heavy rain had turned the sandy road ballast into mud and a silty quicksand, and the horse quickly became trapped.

    Fire crews from Edlington, Doncaster and Dearne fire stations spent four hours rescuing the horse. A JCB was used to remove mud from one side of the mare, allowing crews to fit a harness around her and winch her free.

    The mare was unhurt and returned to her owner.

    “This was a difficult rescue, but we used all of our specialist equipment and experience to bring the mare to safety,” said a spokesman for the fire service.

    “Animal rescues like this one are not our day job, but were very happy to see this one come to such a happy conclusion.”

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