Pony rescued from swimming pool in Essex

  • A 35-year-old pony was rescued by firemen yesterday (Thursday 27 November) after falling into a swimming pool.

    The pony fell into the pool in Waitling Street in Haxted, Essex. The pool was full of water but had the cover on.

    Firecrews from Thaxted, Harlow and Dunmow arrived at the scene and attended to the distressed veteran.

    Firefighter Matt Goullee said; “When fire crews arrived the pony had climbed out of the pool and was in some distress after its ordeal and was lying by the poolside.

    “Firefighters got the pony up on its feet and walked it back 200m to its stable. Once in the stable it had started to eat and was waiting to be checked over by the vet.”

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