New pocket guide to correct Pony Club attire

  • Ratcatcher or dark jacket; half-chaps or boots?

    It’s no wonder young riders are flummoxed by what to wear, and when. But help is at hand, in the new Pony Club Pocket Guide to Equestrian Dress.

    “The Pony Clubber can stuff it in his or her pocket,” said the author, Judith Draper. “And know what to wear, whether at a gymkhana or eventing.”

    Audrey Brewer, district commissioner for the Ledbury Hunt branch, hopes it will give youngsters a gentle steer towards the correct dress.

    “Some riders see the pros, and come out with the bling themselves,” she said.

    “But clothes like ratcatchers and stocks are practical.”

    Buy the Pony Club Pocket Guide to Equestrian Dress from the Pony Club stand (140) at Badminton, at shop.pcuk.org or tel: 02476 698300.

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