Pony and foal rescued from ‘certain death’ by RSPCA

  • A pony mare and her foal have been rescued from what the RSPCA is describing as “certain death” in Gower, South Wales.

    Inspectors were called to a spot on the Loughor estuary near Landimore by a member of the public who reported that a pony had collapsed on marshland, with a young foal standing beside her.

    On arrival, the inspectors realised that the mare had caught a hind foot in the matted tangle of her mane and was struggling to move.

    One inspector was able to restrain the pony, while the other cut her free with a sharp knife. In a short time she was able to get up and move about, with the foal soon able to catch up on his milk.

    RSPCA inspector Neil Manley said the pair had had a lucky escape.

    “There is little doubt in my mind that, taking into account the remote location and the nature of the potential hazard from the tide, had we not intervened and freed this pony, it is quite likely that both the pony and her foal would have died.”

    He continued: “This is just one of many examples of the sort of trouble animals can get into when kept at remote locations and we would urge owners to keep the management and monitoring of their animals as consistent and regular as possible.”

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