Pony allergic to carrots is looking for a new home

  • An equine charity is looking for a new home for 10.3hh Dinky, an eight year-old mare.

    Aside from providing a caring home, Dinky’s new owners need cope with a few quirks.

    The Dartmoor-cross is not suitable for riding, although very happy pulling a cart – which she started doing last spring. Added to which, she is allergic to carrots and hates standing still.

    “She is an ‘18-carat’ driving pony so it’s ironic that she’s allergic to carrots,” said Sasha Holden, equine training manager at the charity Horse World.

    “Her main fault is that she is quite fidgety, but she has a calm attitude to her work and is good in traffic.”

    Anyone interested can complete an online application form by visiting www.horseworld.org.uk

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