Ponies rescued from terrible conditions rehomed together

  • Two young ponies who were rescued from terrible conditions have been enjoying a new life in the Yorkshire Moors.

    Piebald colt Frodo was found “collapsed and close to death” in Cheshire earlier this year, while bay yearling Izzy was discovered badly injured in May.

    Izzy had become entangled in baler twine that had been used to tether her by the side of the road in West Yorkshire.

    Both youngsters were rehabilitated at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue in Blackpool and have recently been rehomed with Jan Mather and her husband Andy.

    “We first rehomed from World Horse Welfare in 2010 when we took two ponies as companions, Mini Haha and Pippa,” said Mrs Mather.

    “Then a few years later we rehomed Floss, a yearling, who has recently returned to Penny Farm to start her ridden education – leaving space for Izzy and Frodo to come and live with us.”

    Frodo and Izzy will now continue their development with the Mathers, with the aim of becoming ridden ponies.

    “I love to have youngsters around for handling, but would never breed my own as there are so many horses and ponies out there already desperately looking for homes, so rehoming from World Horse Welfare is the ideal solution,” added Mrs Mather.

    “Frodo and Izzy are absolute sweeties and they are currently enjoying the stunning Yorkshire countryside and tasty grass out in the field together.

    “We feel so privileged to be able to watch them grow up together and play a role in their future which I am sure is a very bright one.”

    September 2015 is World Horse Welfare’s annual Rehome a Horse month.

    To mark the occasion, the charity has launched a new rehoming website and is celebrating past rehomers and their horses.

    For more information visit: http://rehoming.worldhorsewelfare.org/

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