Mounted police looking for horses on loan

  • Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is looking for three or four loan horses to help to train officers.

    “Some older horses are due to retire so we have some vacancies coming up” said Mima Manning, equine manager of the Mounted Unit.

    The horses must be of a hunter stamp to join the 27 currently in the stables. They must be physically sound and fit to walk, trot, canter and jump small fences. Ideally they will be between 16.2hh and 17.2hh.

    The loan horses will be used to help to improve officers riding skills and teach them stable management. 

    “It gives owners a break from the financial costs and time spent keeping their horses fit and healthy,” explained Ms Manning.

    All of the horses are cared for by a professional team of grooms and officers. Horses and riders are trained by instructors who are both British Horse Society and ACPO Mounted Police qualified.

    H&H publicised a similar request for GMT in 2011, which resulted in several suitable horses being found.

    This scheme was a great success and a couple of the horses who came to us initially on loan have now transferred to our ownership and are now successfully working as operational police horses,” Ms Manning added.

    GMP are also looking for suitable horses to buy for mounted service. These horses must meet all the above criteria and be aged between five- and eight-years-old.

    Horses play an important role in meeting policing objectives,” said Ms Manning.

    “Horses are also a great medium for connecting the public and the police as they are highly visible, approachable, touchable and engage the interests of both adults and children alike.”

    Anyone who is interested in loaning or selling their horse to GMP should contact Ms Manning at jemima.manning@gmp.police.uk

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