Police link stabbings of two ponies in Carmarthenshire

  • The owners of a pony stabbed in the eye in Carmarthenshire on Tuesday are offering a reward of £1,000 for information.

    Police have now linked the two attacks — this one and the stabbing of a prize-winning stallion in the same area three weeks ago — and are advising owners to make regular checks on their animals.

    During the early hours of Tuesday morning, 30-year-old pony Phoenix was attacked in his stable at a yard between Kidwelly and Trimsaran. He was stabbed in the same corner of the same eye as an 11.2hh Welsh Section A stallion was last month.

    A spokesman for Kidwelly police confirmed Phoenix could not have injured himself in his stable, and told H&H: “We don’t want to scaremonger, but people should remain vigilant and make regular checks and alter their routines where possible.”

    Phoenix’s owners David and Rose Morgan have put up posters locally offering a £1,000 reward for information leading the arrest of those responsible for the stabbing.

    “I doubt it will lead to anything but we have to try,” said Mrs Morgan. “It’s heart breaking that anyone can do something like that — it’s absolutely sickening.”

    She said that despite the attack, Phoenix has remained calm and trusting with his owners.

    On 8 June an 11-year-old champion M&M stallion called Caemoss Aubrey, was stabbed in the eye with a pair of scissors, also in Kidwelly. Owners Stan and Heather Strelley are also offering a £1,000 reward for information.

    If you have any information about either attack, contact Kidwelly police on 0845 3302000.

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