Poland to act on live horse exports

  • The Polish government looks set to reconsider the trade of live horses for meat to other parts of Europe

    The British-based animal organisation, Viva, is celebrating a move which it believes could signal the end of the export of live horses from Poland.

    The anti-hunting group has obtained a memo written by the Prime Minister’s adviser to the minister of agriculture.

    The memo refers to the “enormous number of protests and high-profile publicity from home and abroad” and “questions the wisdom of continuing the trade“.

    It says that its “dubious profitability” had to be balanced against “the damage being done to Poland’s image”.

    Kat Macmillan, spokesperson for Viva, which is also known for its active anti-hunting campaigns, said: “The chances that the trade will stop in the near future are high, but we need to keep at it to win the battle.”

    Kat believes the thousands of letters and cards sent from Britain and Poland has had a massive effect on the Polish government.

    The opening of a Viva office in Warsaw last November and the launching of local campaigns there has also proved crucial.

    Horses from Poland are sent on journeys often lasting 90 hours and covering 2,500km before being slaughtered. Italy is the destination of 90% of the 50,000 animals involved every year. According to the society, many receive no rest, water or feed during the journey.

    Pictures courtesy of the International League for the Protection of Horses

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