Point-to-point four did try to run a ringer at Staintondale

  • Four members of the point-to-point community have been found guilty of attempting to run a “ringer” by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

    Following a four-day hearing last week Charles Gundry, Roger Marley, and Robert Tierney were all found to have breached BHA rules by the deliberate substitution of the horse Max’n Limbo for Quintin at the Staintondale point-to-point on 17 April 2006.

    Ruth Tierney was found to have aided and abetted the men in this fraudulent act and all four were found to have misled officials in the course of the investigation.

    Mr Gundry is the huntsman of the Kilkenny and brother of six-times national ladies’ point-to-point champion Polly Gundry.

    The disciplinary panel is considering what penalty to make and will report back this week.

    It is the first suspected ringers case in British racing since the famous Flockton Grey incident in 1982.

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