Paul Gascoigne to spend Christmas talking to horses in rehab

  • Fallen England football star Paul Gascoigne will be spending Christmas in rehab — talking to horses in a rural retreat.

    The former England midfielder, 41, has signed himself into £2,000-a-week rehab centre for the festive season as he struggles to overcome his drink and drug addiction.

    The rehab treatment involves horse whispering and Gazza will spend most of his time talking to and stroking the gentle animals to calm him and soothe his demons.

    Gazza’s worried girlfriend, Sally Mulholland, 44, forced him to enrol in the Stepps rehab centre in Minsterworth Gloucestershire, after he suffered mystery wrist injuries during a drunken bout of depression.

    Dominic Quinlan who set up the alcohol and drug dependence centre five years ago with wife, Sam, said: “Christmas onwards is our busiest time of year for clients checking into Stepps.

    “They’ll often be feeling great guilt and shame about their problems and we try to show them love and affection.”

    Gazza will spend most of his time with horses — stroking them and talking to them about his problems.

    The pioneering treatment, which is hugely popular in America, helps addicts who struggle to deal with other people to re-learn social skills by spending time with horses.

    Dominic added: ”Equine therapy is used to treat addiction by providing a new experience for clients.

    “We’re at the forefront of this therapy and have international recognition.

    “The treatment is said to benefit the horses as well and Gazza may well work with retired or injured racehorses donated to LEAP.”

    Photo courtesy of Tony Marshall/PA Photos

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