Pantomime-style horses descend on the New Forest

  • A plethora of pantomime-style horses descended on the New Forest as part of the London Olympics Open weekend on Saturday 23 July.

    More than 20 people, aged from 2 to 67, took part in the ArtSway-organised Show Pony Parade.

    They walked and trotted through the forest resplendent in homemade New Forest pony costumes.

    Following their parade they were judged and rosettes were given out.

    The aim behind the workshop and performance was not only to get the creative juices flowing, but also to celebrate the London 2012 equestrian events.

    ArtSway associate, Charlie Murphy, said: “The day went brilliantly — it was a lot of work to create these elaborate costumes but everyone mucked in and got inspired.”

    “These are the fanciest New Forest Ponies I’ve ever seen! We will definitely be parading both here and beyond the forest in 2012!”

    Today, 27 July, marks a year to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games

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