Owners needed for laminitis study

  • Owners from all over Britain are being encouraged to take part in a new study to try and discover more about the development and recurrence of laminitis.

    As part of the 4-year study, being undertaken by the Animal Health Trust (AHT) in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College, a website will be created on which owners can give regular updates over a period of two years.

    The idea it is to help to gain a better understanding of the timeline of events and the factors leading to laminitic episodes.

    Dee Pollard, based at the AHT, said: “This will be a very exciting opportunity for owners to be at the frontline of equine health research and contribute to a study which aims to provide evidence-based preventative strategies to combat laminitis.”

     Horse owners interested in taking part in the research project are asked to register their interest via email to danica.pollard@aht.org.uk



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